If you are looking for a quality Christmas Tree then you can find them at Fee’s Trees of Barnt Green, Worcestershire. We are a family run business and take great care and pride in the trees we sell. We offer Premium quality Nordmann Fir trees ranging from 4ft - 9ft. (other sizes are available to order in advance.) The Normann Fir has the traditional Christmas Tree shape, with long, soft dark green needles. It is regarded as a ‘low drop’ tree due to its excellent needle holding properties.

We spend a great deal of time sourcing the best trees from the right grower whilst ensuring quality and price from our customers.

The trees are bought directly from the grower which means the trees are cut and delivered to us within a few days ensuring freshness. We visited the farm in Hereford in October and met the grower and this gave us an opportunity to check for quality.  Locally produced tree will have a smaller carbon footprint than that of one shipped in from overseas, so it’s best to buy British!

Every one of our trees are British grown by a member of the British Christmas Trees Growers Association. The BCTGA has over 320 members and it is estimated they sell around 6 to 8 million trees per year. There is also a Code of Practice to promote trees being grown in an environmental and sustainable manner.

All our trees are cut trees and will require a stand. We stock a range of Christmas Tree stands to suits all trees and budgets.

Trees will be available every day from Saturday 26th November. We are open 7 days so why not miss the weekend rush and come Mon-Fri.

If you are not ready for your tree we offer a select and deliver service. Come and choose your tree, we will reserve that tree for you and deliver it to you on a later pre-arranged date.